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November 2023: Janina's manuscript about the discovery of adaptive pathfinding by nucleokinesis during amoeboid migration has been published in EMBO Journal!


August 2023: Welcome Johanna! Johanna joins us for her research in the realm of her thesis (LMU Medical Faculty).


June 2023: Gratulations to Madeleine and Janina, who have been awarded  as Young Investigator Award Winner 2023 and Poster Competition Winner 2023respectively (10th Cardiac Regeneration & Vascular Biology Conference).




see Kroll et al, EMBO J 2023

see Kroll et al, bioRxiv 2023

May 2023: Happy to share our latest findings on the preprint server bioRxiv, discovering the principle of adaptive pathfinding by nucleokinesis during amoeboid migration: Kroll et al, Adaptive Pathfinding by Nucleokinesis during Amoeboid Migration, bioRxiv 2023 


March 2023: Join Benjamin's talk at the interact PhD conference.


January 2023: Join Janina’s, Madeleine's, and Jörg's talks at the Gordon Research Conference 'Directed Cell Motility'.



December 2022: Happy to have contributed to the guideline protocol article 'Guidelines for mouse and human DC functional assays' published in European Journal of Immunology.


November 2022: Our Lab Retreat goes to Salzburg and its Christmas Markets.


September 2022: Join Jörg’s talks at Abercrombie Cell Migration Conference in Oxford.

see Chapter 6 in 'Clausen et al, European Journal of Immunology 2022'

November 2021 (Janina, Madeleine, Mauricio, Benjamin, Jörg, Kasia)



May 2022: Join Jörg’s talks at the EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Mechanobiology in Development and Disease.


May 2022In collaboration with the Müller-Taubenberger lab, we identified that amoeboid migrating Dictyostelium positions its nucleus frontward of the centrosome - striking similarities to leukocytes!


 April 2022: Welcome Gamze! Gamze joins us for her master thesis research  (Faculty of Biology, LMU Munich).



April 2022: See the editorial by Jörg, Emmanuel Donnadieu (Université de Paris), & Hélène Moreau (Institut Curie) on the research topic "Immune Cell Migration in Health and Disease" published in Frontiers in Immunology.


March 2022: Welcome Artur! Artur joins us for his research in the realm of his thesis (LMU Medical Faculty).


March 2022: See our newest protocol manuscript "Quantifying the Probing and Selection of Microenvironmental Pores by Motile Immune Cells"published in Current Protocols.

Kroll, Ruiz-Fernandez, Braun et al, Current Protocols 2022


December 2021: Our research group is part of the newly established DFG-funded Germany-wide research priority programme SPP2332 "Physics of Parasitism".


November 2021: Madeleine has been elected as one of the two doctoral representatives of the graduate programme IRTG914 (Integrated Research Training Group of the SFB914). 


October 2021: See our contribution to the paper "Circadian clocks guide dendritic cells into skin lymphatics" by the Christoph Scheiermann lab published in Nature Immunology.


September 2021: Join Jörg’s talks in the realm of the International Meeting of the German Society for Cell Biology ‘Life in Between - the Cell Biology of Interfaces’.




July 2021: Our Lab Retreat goes to the Bavarian alps and the castle Neuschwanstein.


May 2021: Mauricio chairs one of the sessions of the Munich Bioimaging Day 2021.


April 2021: Welcome Bingzhi! Bingzhi joins us for a research internship during his master course (Gene Center, LMU Munich).


March 2021: Join Jörg’s talks in the realm of the Cell Migration seminar series organised by Jennifer Mitchel (Harvard) & Adam Shellard (UCL London).


March 2021:  Meet Jörg & Mauricio at the EMBO | EMBL Symposium: Life at the Periphery: Mechanobiology of the Cell Surface.


January 2021: Welcome Florian! Florian joins us for his master thesis (University of Paris).


July 2021 (Bingzhi, Petra, Jörg, Benjamin, Janina, Madeleine, Rifat, Mauricio)


October 2020: Jörg hosts  together with Hélène Moreau (Institut Curie) and Emmanuel Donnadieu (Institut Cochin)  the Research Topic "Immune Cell Migration in Health and Disease' published in collaboration with Frontiers in Immunology.


August 2020: Jörg joins the EMBO Scientific Exchange Grants Advisory Board.


July 2020: See Petra’s & Jörg’s review on the ‘Principles of Leukocyte Migration Strategies’ in Trends in Cell Biology.


July 2020: Welcome Rifat! Rifat joins us for her master thesis (Faculty of Biology, LMU Munich).


June 2020: Meet Janina at the EMBO|EMBL symposium ‘Microtubules: From Atoms to Complex Systems’.


June 2020: Join Jörg’s talks in the realm of the Nucleus Science Talks series organised by Patricia Davidson & Bruno Cadot (Institute Curie). 


July 2020 (Mauricio, Kasia, Janina, Madeleine, Petra, Rifat, Benjamin, Jörg, Monika)

June 2020: See our contribution to the paper "Microtubules control cellular shape and coherence in amoeboid migrating cells"of the Sixt lab published in Journal of Cell Biology (selected as 1 of 10 publications in the special JCB collection ‘The Year in Cell Biology 2020’; highlighted in the JCB Spotlight 'Microtubules keep large cells in shape' ) 


March 2020: Welcome Monika! Monika joins us for a research internship during her master course (Gene Center, LMU Munich).


February 2020: Meet us at the International Cell Culture Under Flow Meeting 2020 at the Biomedical Center.


February 2020: Mauricio participates in the EMBL Course: Analysis and Integration of Transcriptome and Proteome Data at EMBL Heidelberg.



October 2019: Welcome Mauricio! Mauricio joins us as a PhD student after finishing his Master of Science in Biochemistry at the Technical University Munich (TUM).


September 2019: Jörg receives the Life Science Award Austria 2019 in Basic Research by  the Austrian Association of Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology (ÖGMBT).


September 2019: Meet us at the immunology conference 'II Joint Meeting of the German Society for Immunology (DGfl) and the Italian Society of Immunology, Clinical Immunology and Allergology (SIICA)' in Munich.


August 2019: Welcome Madeleine! Madeleine joins us as a PhD student after finishing her Master of Science in Biomedicine at University Würzburg.


August 2019: See our meeting report  - written together with Binyam Mogessie and Helen Zenner - on the newest trends in the field on how the cytoskeleton shapes the dynamics, positioning and function of organelles.

(source: nature video; highlighting our findings in Renkawitz et al, Nature 2019; produced and narrated by Shamini Bundell)

August 2019: We receive funding by LMUexcellent.


July 2019: Welcome Janina! Janina joins us as a PhD student after finishing her Master of Science in Human Biology at Philipps University Marburg.


July 2019: We receive funding for some microscopy upgrades by Friedrich Baur Stiftung and by 'Verein zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Forschung an der Medizinischen Fakultät der LMU München e.V.'


June 2019: Our research group is a part of the CRC914 “Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease” for the next four years.


May 2019: Meet us at the conferences 'Cell Dynamics: Organelle-Cytoskeleton Interface' in Lisbon and ESCI2019 'Annual Scientific Meeting of the European Society for Clinical Investigation' in Coimbra, Portugal.


April 2019: Jörg’s paper from the time as a postdoc in Michael Sixt's lab at IST Austria is online in Nature (PDF; see also the highlight in nature video).


Dendritic cell in a 3D collagen network (Renkawitz et al, Nature 2019; Imaged by Meghan K. Driscoll)

Lab, April 2019 (Max, Petra, Benjamin, Kasia, Jörg)

March 2019: Welcome Max! Max joins us for a research internship during his master course (Biochemistry, Gene Center, LMU Munich).


February 2019: Welcome Benjamin! Benjamin joins us as a PhD student after having finished his Master of Science in Molecular Biotechnology at RWTH Aachen.


January 2019: Meet us during the Gordon Research Conference on Directed Cell Migration 'How Cells Integrate Biochemical Signals, Cytoskeletal Changes and Physical Forces to Guide Migration' in Galveston, US.



December 2018: Our lab gets associated with SFB914 Trafficking of Immune Cells in Inflammation, Development and Disease and its graduate program (Integrated Research Training Group, IRTG).


November 2018: Meet Jörg in the realm of the Biomedicum Helsinki Seminar Series.

Thanks to Kari Vaahtomeri and the Biomedicum Helsinki Research Center for hosting!


October 2018: Lab Kick-Off Renkawitz Lab

Lab Kick-Off, October 2018 (Kasia, Jörg, Petra)